A two day kayaking adventure on the river Mrežnica is written by our "Weekend Guide" Martin Bolšec.

Wednesday, early, working at the office. The phone is ringing, Matija is calling. I come forward and assume well what he wants. Matija is the owner of Terraktiv's agency, a guide, a driver, a caretaker, a boat repair master, first of all an adventurer. "Hello, are you coming to Mreznica this weekend?" "No, you are. Of course I'm coming," I answer seriously in the funny tone. He told me we are doing a two-day tour on the river Mrežnica.


Short description of a two-day excursion on the river Mrežnica

Two day excursion on the river Mrežnica, organized by Terraktiv, consists of two days of paddling on the river Mrežnica and overnight along the river. The first day of a trip does not differ from a one-day trip on Mrežnica river with regard to paddling and river adventures. What differentiates it from a standard one-day trip is hang-out and sleep by the river. After paddling we place in the grove that is also used as a position for the camp. The second day of excursion continues by paddling on Mrežnica for 12 kilometers and ends at the confluence of the rivers Tounjčica and Mrežnica in a place called Ključ, and the output is at Ratko mill.

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Guide equipment for a two-day excursion on the river Mrežnica

Equipment for a two-day excursion, for me (guide personal equipment), does not differ essentially from one-day excursion equipment. The equipment for the water is identical, but apart from the Palm Extream jacket, the AquaDesign Vibe helmet, the Palm Lightning rope, the adidas water shoes and the neoprene, I took the hammock, sleeping bag and sleeping pad.

Indispensable Mora (Morakniv Companion) knife, equipment for food, consisting of JNA military portion, probably made for the training of nerves because of its square container, rectangular shape, a torture to wash it. There is a trick to it, dough. Put the pot in the water and leave it overnight to let the fish clean it. Win win situation.

In order not to light the fire in the open, I brought the gas cartridges. To transport the equipment on the river and to keep it dry, we use large "dry bags". I also took a small hatchet and folding shovel. For outdoor guides, nature is a source of enjoyment, admiration, entertainment, and a source of earnings, so we take special care to leave the nature as we find it, pure, therefore, are indispensable garbage bags.


A two-day kayaking excursion on the Mreznica from the guide's perspective

The first day on the river has passed, as always when I lead the trip, with lots of laughter, fun, joy, pleasure and above all with the safety in the beautiful nature surroundings of the Mrežnica river. When we arrive at the "campsite position" we land on the shore, unload the stuff from kayaks and finally put the kayaks on the shore, on a dry land. We assure them, just in case that we do not lose them down the river in which case kayaking turns into canyoning (walking, climbing, jumping or swimming down the river). I send, read push, the guests to the change the clothes. I have to, they already started boozing and could soon forget that they are in wet neoprene suites. We know that a "booger" nose is a guide trademark and not something for guests to have. After dressing up, I showed them what's going to be in our "camp". There is a place to sleep, socialize and place where the "natural toilet" is. Toilet is a clean place, a little further away from the camp.The hole is excavated and the toilet is ready. It's not a 5-star hotel, but at night it turns into a hotel with a million stars, those in the sky, which is hard to beat. The first thing I do is lift the tent / hammock for the guests and then for myself. I showed the guests how to do it, so they can learn and help me. After our "sleeping house" is ready, we go to dinner and gather all around the “campfire”, in our case a burner. The company eat, drink, laugh and entertain long into the night. I stay awake till the end. After checking that everything is ok, I go to sleep. As a true guide I’m the last going to sleep and the first to get up and start cooking coffee. I know the guests will be grateful. And they were. Waking up, coffee, breakfast and collectively cleaning and preparing for the continuation of the trip, but before all that guests need to get rid of a hangover so I suggest the best natural remedy, jumping into the cool river Mreznica.

Guests are in kayaks, camping positions is cleaned up. Before the movement I throw the last look, to assure myself that we have not forgotten something. We start with the second day on the river, the rest of the trip. The second day of excursion, organized by Terraktiv, is characterized by paddling. There are larger parts of calm (we call it flat) water between waterfalls and rapids, but there is no lack of excitement, waterfalls, bigger and faster expect us along the second part of river Mrežnica. Among them is a beautiful Šušnjara waterfall. Since the second part of the trip is longer, we need more time to reach the finish. After approximately five hours of rowing we arrive at the finish point in the village of Ključ and exit at Ratko's mill where Ratko is greeting us with a homemade “rakija” (brandy) and Matija with a van. Our versatile Matija today is in the role of driver and a "Logistic Manager".

After housekeeping the equipment, I part with visibly tired but satisfied guests. I anticipate silence and sleep on their journey back to home. Only when they rest, most often, they understand what they actually experienced and what a beautiful adventure they had. 

Author of the text: Martin Bolšec, "Weekend Guide"